Why I joined Pink Zebra

Hi my name is Karen, and I am a director with Pink Zebra Home Fragrances. I joined Pink Zebra in Dec of 2011 after being introduced to it by my neighbor.She had come to me for online marketing help in starting her new business, Pink Zebra. She left a catalog at my house, and my daughter Jenna and I were instantly hooked!

After she left Jenna and I looked over the catalog. I had set it aside, not knowing that Jenna has circled the opportunity kit, like a kid circling her Christmas gifts. The next day Jenna begged me to buy the kit. The kits were on sale then so I figured for $74 I would get lots of candles and sprinkles. I didn’t really have any intentions of working the business. I was already in direct sales, with my romance business and was getting burnt out from it, and wanted a break after all I had been doing it for over 8 years at that time. I had reached the top level in that business Executive Director but I was loosing interest in the business.

Encouraged by Jenna, I ordered the Pink Zebra starter kit. While I was waiting for the kit to arrive I was signing people up! Pink Zebra had a sponsoring incentive that month, and I was ready for a new challenge! Zebra fever was starting to take over!

When the kit did arrive Jenna helped me get it organized. She took the kit with her on a trip to the coffee shop with her dad and that very day she came back with our first order! To this day that customer remains a client.

It is so very refreshing to be able to include Jenna in this family business. My previous direct sales business did not allow me to do that.

Pink Zebra has opened up so many avenues for me and my family. After seeing how easy it was to sign people on and get orders, I decided to work the business! And in 9 short months I became a Director! I truly love this business. I has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love Pink Zebra.