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Hi I am an Presidential Director for Pink Zebra Home Fragrances. Pink Zebra opened its doors in Sept of 2011. We are a ground floor opportunity, which means LOTS of room for growth. If you are looking to work from home, to make some extra money to pay bills, and want something new and different, Pink Zebra is the place to be. Our new, fun, zebra theme is all the rage. Sign up to become a Pink Zebra consultant, and see, soon you too will have the fever - Zebra Fever that is!!! Now open in Canada

Pink Zebra Candle Bar on TLC’s Four Weddings

As Seen On TLC’s 4 Weddings…

TLC’s 4 Weddings Candle Station Episode

Want something different for your wedding favors? Something that your guests will actually use? How about a Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle? Glimmer Candles make great wedding favors, and party favors!

Your guests can have lots of fun creating their very own unique candle. They can mix and match the scent they want. Host a Pink Zebra Candle bar or station at your wedding.  If you are limited with space you can still use our sprinkles as wedding favors. You and the groom and mix up your own special “wedding themed” scent and have the candles pre made at their table… Lots of different options to choose from. If you need ideas feel free to call me at 877-466-8449.

We have over 30 different carton sprinkles scents to choose from. Buying cartons for your candle bar or station is the most economical way to go. I also recommend these glimmer kit glasses for your guests as they are the most economical. We do have others to choose from. Just visit my website for more information.

To order click here  choose products and sprinkles

To learn more about our soy sprinkles click here:


These are the supplies you will need to create your own candle station for your wedding:

Cartons of Sprinkles. This is the most economical way to order our soy sprinkles, by the carton. The cost for a carton is $25 and you will get about 8 or 9 candles from it depending on the glassware you choose. We have 30 different carton sprinkle scents. You can mix and match these scents to create your own favorite recipe.

Order Carton of Sprinkles

Glimmer Candle Glassware: I recommend the following Glimmer candle kits as they are the most economical. Please also note that all of our glassware is laboratory tested for safety. We highly recommend using only our glassware for your glimmer candles. Wicks are including with glimmer glassware.

Order Glimmer Glassware Kits Glimmer Candle Kit Princess Petite -6pk (2 1/2″d x 2 3/4″ h)

$ 9.00


Shabby Chic Petite Candle Kit-6pk
$ 9.00


Are You Pink Zebra’s Next Director?

Are You Pink Zebra’s Next Director?

The Pink Zebra Director’s TiaraIt’s not everyday you get to wear a tiara, but if you are fortunate enough to become a Director with Pink Zebra Home Fragrances you can. The coveted pink tiara is just one of the many perks given to those who attain Director status with the company. Sparkling with both white and pink rhinestones the tiara gives an air of confidence while representing the one of the highest forms of leadership in the company. To date there are just 4 lucky ladies who claim the tiara as their own. Directors are also treated to a private tour of the companies home office located in Houston, Texas where they can see the behind the scenes operations of the company as well as see top secrets about the companies innovative products. Lunch for the entire office is on Pink Zebra too. The weekend tops off with dinner with the owners at one of the nearby 5 star restaurants then back to the luxurious hotel to be pampered. The experience is second to none!
Here is a picture of me wearing my beautiful Pink Zebra director’s tiara. Part of my trip also included a professional photography session, that including a hair and make up makeover.
At Pink Zebra you are treated like ROYALTY. Are you Pink Zebra’s next Director?
Join me and lets MAKE IT HAPPEN!!http://www.zebradivas.com

Want to join my team of successful Pink Zebra Divas? Visit my website and make sure you see my name as the referrer, if not type in my Consultant ID #50250.


Can Selling Pink Zebra Home be a full time career for you?


Can Pink Zebra be a full time career for you? 

 One of many Pink Zebra Success Stories!

The answer is YES! The top commission for the month was earned by our Executive Director for – an amazing $18,882.02. It was 18 months ago when Sandi joined Pink Zebra. With no prior direct sales experience I remember the first time we talked and she told me that she had a 90 day plan because she knew this opportunity could be huge and amazing! The 90 plan was worked and worked very hard. It meant for 90 days there was not the consistent meals being made the laundry being done but Sandi kept telling her husband and children, that she had a plan and to believe in her.

The first commission came. It was $11, the second commission check came and it was $200. Sandi has been in the same position as you, but she worked her plan and in time the promotions and commission checks continued to grow. Sandi is a perfect example that; you don’t have to have direct sales experience to reach your goals at Pink Zebra. She used the training provided on ZebraNET, learned from other selling, leadership sources and learned from her peers. You have to create a plan and WRITE it down and last you have to be committed to Pink Zebra and your plan, until you reach your goal. What do you want to accomplish at Pink Zebra? You are all in a perfect position.

We are ground floor with only 6,500 Consultants, have unique products, a great brand and a unique compensation plan. The decision is yours. Louis L ‘Amour said, “Some say opportunity knocks only once, That is not true. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it. If the chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it”. You have the opportunity today and the equipment. Make it Happen Everyone!

Let me show you how you too can be successful in Pink Zebra! Karen, Pink Zebra Home Fragrances Director  karen@zebradivas.com or toll free at 877-466-8449   .http://www.zebradivas.com


Sprinkles from Pink Zebra Home – What are they?

Pink Zebra Home – What are Sprinkles?

Pink Zebra Home’s Sprinkles – What are they?

This video will explain what sprinkles are. Sprinkles are a product of Pink Zebra Home. They are made of soft soy wax from soybeans grown in the US. They are highly fragrant and made with quality fragrance oils. They are 50% stronger than most candles on the market.

Sprinkles come in cartons or jars. Cartons are the best value. You only need 1 scoop to fragrance your home. You can freshen up an existing candle by adding a scoop of sprinkles on top to give your candle new life. You can also use sprinkles to create your own candle. This is a candle that my daughter made. She had fun making it. She used various scents and colors to create her own unique recipe. Pink Zebra’s sprinkles come in 51 scents. You can mix and match them. You can make your own candle by using our glimmer candle kits. This is our diva petite candle. It comes with the wick as you see here.

So you can use pink zebra home’s sprinkles to freshen up an old candle, to create your own soy candle or you can use them in one of our simmer lights as you see behind me. This is our simmer light. It comes with various different shades that you can choose from. This is the Pink Zebra shade. I can remove it to show you the base unit. The base comes with a clear glass holder or you can get them in pink, yellow or black. The simmer light comes with a dish that sits on top of it to hold the sprinkles in. Here you can see I have Grape Popsicle burning. To use our simmering lights you simply add a scoop of sprinkles into the dish. There is a light bulb in the unit. I turn on the light by the switch on the cord as seen here. The light bulb then hits up the sprinkles. This wickless option is great if you have children and pets as it is a safer than candles.

To purchase Pink Zebra Sprinkles, simple go to my website at http://www.zebradivas.com

If you are interested in selling this product in your area we need consultants! Please message me at Karen@zebradivas.com or call me at 877-466-8449 we offer a great career plan, many bonuses, and excellent commission up to 35%



PZ out!



Will you be there?

Pink Zebra Second Annual Family Reunion

Can you believe we are now holding our Second Annual Family Reunion and our 2013 theme is EZPZ.

What does EZPZ mean?  Come find out!  A little hint:  EZPZ is easy, simple, smooth, ready, within reach, with little effort, pleasant, peaceful & comfortable, free of anxiety, problem-solving, relaxed, easy flowing…and it goes on!

Will you be joining us? I am offering 2 lucky team members FREE registration to convention, that’s a $250 value! Wanna know how to win it? Join my team and see.
Kits are on sale this month for just $74. Now is the time to check us out.





Heading out to Houston – Tour of Pink Zebra Home

I am so excited to go to our Houston office to tour Pink Zebra Headquarters. As a Director, the company treats us to a personal tour of the facilities, lunch and so much more. Myself and my guest will stay all weekend, having dinner with the owners of Pink Zebra. This company really knows how to spoil its consultants! I will report back with photos! Until then as we say at Pink Zebra,


PZ out!

Karen, Director Pink Zebra Home

Pink Zebra December Kit Sale & Cash Rewards!


This month Pink Zebra Home is offering an amazing opportunity! 




Our kits are ON SALE and the company is also offering
CASH bonuses paid weekly to its consultants!


Call me at 877-466-8449 to learn all about our current incentives and for details on how you too can earn cash bonuses!


Join PINK ZEBRA. Sell Pink Zebra Soy Products, Lotions, Soaps and other home fragrances! We sell both wicked and flameless candles! Get paid on the products you sell at your parties instantly, no waiting on checks. Company paid merchant fees to accept credit cards, company paid hostess program. Lots of incentives, earn free ipads, trips,cash and much more. Fundraising program. Pink Zebra offers so much to it’s consultants.

Do you want to get in on a truly
ground floor business opportunity?

Do you need a flexible schedule that works from home?

Do you want extra cash?

Do you like to be recognized for your achievements?

Do you want Free Product?
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Change Your
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Join My Pink Zebra Candle Team,
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Amazing new scents, sprinkles,diffusers, simmering lights and more.

Pink Zebra Home. Ground Floor Opportunity!!

New Company Get in NOW!!
Consultants needed in many states!!!

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Visit my website to join http://www.zebradivas.com

Own your own business
Pink Zebra provides an opportunity to own your own business for under $200, where you can achieve income, rewards, incentives, and personal
growth based on the time commitment that works for your life. Are you looking for a new career, Pink Zebra offers a ground floor opportunity, where you have the opportunity to develop a team anywhere throughout the United States, and earn a leadership income. Being on the ground floor, means you are
first to share the Pink Zebra products and opportunities with people who have never heard of Pink Zebra. Are you just looking for a part-time opportunity and income?

Pink Zebra can provide you with a perfect fit allowing you to work around your schedule and earn a great part time income.

Benefits of Pink Zebra:
Over $375 in product and supplies in your enrollment kit to support your business for only $154. Over $1,200 in FREE products in your first 90 days. Your own personal website. Training through your own training portal. 25% base + another 10% based on your personal sales. A strong career plan that pays you a 7% bonus on those you sponsor + 2% mentoring bonus + leadership commissions each month. Support from the home office and your upline.
Joining is simple

Choose your enrollment kit starter kit or deluxe kit. both are a great value. I started with the starter kit!

Enroll online at http://www.zebradivas.com

Join now ground floor opportunities!!!
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About me:
Hi my name is Karen, and I am a Director and Independent consultant with Pink Zebra Home Fragrances. I joined Pink Zebra in Dec of 2011, and in just 9 short months have made it to the one of the top positions to date in the company. You may have read my article ‘Sprinkle Your Way to Success’. Although there is no longer a coupon code to join our fine company OUR OFFER STILL STANDS WITH NO COUPON CODE NEEDED. KITS ARE ON NOW ON SALE FOR $25 OFF PLUS I AM OFFERING A $20 CASH REBATE.

When you join my team you are not alone. You may be in business for yourself but not by yourself! We have a great team and support network to help you build your business and be successful.

If you would like more information about joining Pink Zebra please call me toll free at 877-466-8449. I would love to have you join my team of Pink Dollar Divas. Our team is one of the fastest growing teams in the company offering weekly conferences calls, team yahoo group and support forums, as well as monthly team incentives!

If you would like to host a Pink Zebra in home candle / fragrance party. I can help you. I have a team of over 1000 consultants waiting to show you are amazing products. We spoil our hostesses! Lots of free products and half off items.

If you would like to place an order you can visit my official Pink Zebra website at

I want to Join Pink Zebra! What comes in the kit?

Let Pink Zebra change your fragrance and change your life as it has mine!

From my home to yours,





Join Pink Zebra Home Fragrance Just $54! Exclusive Offer 877-466-8449

Join Pink Zebra Home Fragrance And Candles For Just $54! Exclusive Offer 877-466-8449

Make Your Own Candle with Pink Zebra Sprinkles

Our sprinkles have so many uses! One great use it to create your own candle. Kids and adults both love to make candles. Using our sprinkles gives you the opportunity to make a scent that is uniquely yours. 

You can create your own custom scents by mixing one, two, three or as many scent combinations you desire. 


  To Buy A Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle Kit click here

Glimmer Candles - How to

To make a candle simply purchase one of our candle kits. We have a large kit called a Glimmer candle kit, that comes with a glass jar and 3 wicks. This can

be used to make 3 candles. You will need 6 jars of sprinkles to create the 3 candles -two jars of sprinkles per candle. Some people like to create layers with different color combinations, similar to sand art. Doing this can create a beautiful candle.


Princess Petite Candle Kit-6pk
$ 12.00
Renaissance Glimmer Candle Kit
$ 7.00
Shabby Chic Petite Candle Kit-6


$ 12.00

  To Buy A Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle Kit click here

We have smaller candle kits as well with our diva petites.
They hold a just a half a jar of candles. 

If you have small children and want to do a craft project with them consider not using the wick. The sprinkles are so fragrant, just having them open in the bathroom or kitchen throws the scent as well. Here is a video on making your own Pink zebra candle. 


  To Buy A Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle Kit click here