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Pink Zebra Home Make your own candles with our Sprinkles in the Glimmer Kit. Dress up  any room with our Simmer Light Shade. Buy one base and purchase other  shades. Pink Zebra is a business that you can compliment all of those desires at your pace. It is about supporting your life plan of stay-at-home  mom,  furthering your education, or helping with a little extra money coming into the  household. Its also is a perfect way to stay connected  to your friends,  community or the smart business side of you.
Indiana Pink Zebra Home A NEW create your own fragrance company that is sweeping the nation! Soy wax Sprinkles are the in thing!  51 fragrances that can also be  blended together to create your own fragrance.  Stick them in a warmer  or on top of a candle.  You can also purchase simmering lights/shades,  reed diffusors, lotions, soaps and more!  This is your opportunity to  get in on ground level!  No saturation.  Be the first in your area to  share these innovative products.  No sales experience required.  You can  do this! Pink Zebra Home Home Fragrance & Home-Based
Opportunities. Fragrance is what Pink  Zebra is all about and what we enjoy bringing to you. Pink Zebra  Sprinkles are a unique scented wax melt that are available in 51  different scents – combining different scents together allows you to  make your own custom blend. Fragrances touch all of our senses, evoking  memories and stimulating our moods. The aroma of cookies baking in the  oven brings to mind happy times spent in the kitchen surrounded by  family and friends. A folded basket of warm, fresh laundry implies clean  and pure. Order your scents today!
Pink Zebra Home Candles, Home Fragrance & Home-Based Opportunities. A new ground  floor Opportunity! Fragrance is what Pink Zebra is all about and what we  enjoy bringing to you. Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a unique scented wax  melt that are available in 51 different scents – combining different  scents together allows you to make your own custom blend. Pink Zebra is  Soy based, made in the USA and they give back to the community.  For  every $500 show (average show) they give a FREE day of daycare to a  single mom. Check out my website to learn more, order your scents and  join me today!
Pink Zebra Home A NEW selling innovative home fragrance, where Consultants can own their own business for under $200 and reap the benefits of being the first to join this new ground floor opportunity! Customers may purchase products and/or and may host a party through me and earn . Our products include candles, scented sprinkles, simmer pots, reed  diffusers and other home décor products.
Pink Zebra Home Fragrances touch all of our senses and fragrance is what Pink Zebra is all about. Our fragranced wax “Sprinkles” are made of soybeans grown here in the USA, available in over 51 different scents.  Our products include: Shimmering Lights, a decorative lamp style to melt all your favorite; “Sprinkles”; Soaps; Lotions; and Accessories to keep your products decorative all year round. Make the switch today to Pink Zebra, you’ll be amazed to all the endless possibilities we have to offer! Be the first consultant in your area to introduce and sell Pink Zebra. What are you waiting for? Start today!
Pink Zebra Home We are a new direct sales company offering wax made of soy grown in USA that will fill your home with fragrance!
Pink Zebra Home Pink Zebra is a new and exciting direct sales company selling home  fragrances. We have patents pending on our SOFT SOY SPRINKLES and  RE-SEALABLE.  This is a real ground floor opportunity.  This  is  a young vibrant company that is already exceeding expectations and  breaking records. Our sprinkles are made with soy so not only are they  the best product out there but they are also clean burning and good for  the environment. Best of all they are made in the USA. We also have a  wonderful program for working moms. 1 day of free daycare is donated for  every $500 party we do.
Pink Zebra Home Welcome to the world of home fragrances. Soy sprinkles in over 50 fragrances good enough to eat! Our products include our trademark sprinkles, simmering lights, diffusers, glimmer candle kits, lotions and soaps. Training is offered in your back office site, from company webinars and via social media. Pink Zebra rewards you for what you achieve. You are rewarded incentives in your first 90 days to help kick start your business and lay a foundation for a long and successful career. Seventy-five percent of Americans have some sort of home fragrance in their homes, why not ours?!  Contact me today…