Pink Zebra Launches Into Canada

[Connecticut, U.S.A.] – Entrepreneur, Karen Esposito, Executive Director and Independent Consultant at Pink Zebra recently toured Canada as part of the Pink Zebra launch into Canada.

“The wait is over!!” says Karen Esposito. “Pink Zebra has arrived in Canada! Many candle lovers have waited with great anticipation for Pink Zebra Home Fragrance to cross the border into Canada. On October 7, we did just that with Pink Zebra’s international debut held in Calgary AB.”

Karen, along with her husband, Director Allan Esposito, also attended the meeting to greet future team members. “It was an exciting time for us to be part of the first Pink Zebra International launch. It was great to get to know my team members in person!”, says Esposito. “All attendees left the rally with one of our simmer pots, which was Canadian inspired, and sprinkles so they could experience the joy of Pink Zebra sprinkles. One lucky rally attendee went home with a FREE Deluxe Kit, which was raffled off.”

As a long time top earner with Pink Zebra, Karen Esposito has built a strong team of independent consultants who work together and share information to ensure broader success for everyone.

Karen’s success with Pink Zebra has included more than 15 awards for sales volume, sponsoring and promoting as an Independent Consultant within Pink Zebra. In addition, she’s earned 4 all expense paid vacations and an iPad for her efforts.

Karen Esposito’s Canada team is already growing daily as men and women come forward who are interested in taking control of their income while enjoying the flexibility of working on their own terms. Karen’s goal as a mentor and Executive Director allows her to offer the support they need to succeed.

About Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra is a Direct Selling Company that offers income opportunities for Independent Consultants throughout the United States and Canada through high quality innovative home fragrance technology. Products include Innovative Sprinkles, Make-Your-Own Candles, Simmer Pots, Simmering Lights, Re-sealable Reed Diffusers, Soaps and Lotions, and other home décor products.

If you would like to know more about Pink Zebra and be part of the sprinkles revolution, contact Karen Esposito at