Pink Zebra Comes to Canada!

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Pink Zebra has officially opened enrollment in Canada!

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pink zebra kit sale

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Pink Zebra Kit Rebate / Refund -

Pink Zebra Kit Rebate / Refund – $50 Rebate or $75 In Free Products to Start You Off You Decide!

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  1. Choose the Pink Zebra kit you want,
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Pink Zebra Incentive Trip – Costa Rica 2016

Earning the Pink Zebra
Incentive Trip for 2 to Costa Rica!

Pink Zebra Trip Incentives –
Good Food, Good Times – GREAT People

Pink Zebra never ceases to amaze me. Our latest incentive trip to Costa Rica was the perfect example. What an amazing time I had with my husband, Allan, also a Director for Pink Zebra. I earned the trip for 2 again this year, having earned the company’s previous incentive trips to Punta Cana and Jamaica. These trips are all inclusive. The company pays for our air and hotel. We are truly spoiled. Our hotel in Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica was fabulous. Our deluxe suite included our own personal swim out pool, just a few feet from the hotels pool. The hotel was also located right on the beach and included great restaurants to choose from. We also were surprised with a great locally made straw handbag filled with goodies, and a personal note from the company’s owners. 

Pink Zebra always spoils us – Here is what we got in our rooms

The company always sponsors a day excursion and this time it was a zip lining in the rain forest! Many Pink Zebra consultants stepped out of their comfort zones on this excursion. I know I did. I was amazed at how much fun it truly was and couldn’t ever imagine I would be zip lining through the rain forests of Costa Rica. I also had another first on the trip. We went horseback riding, visited a mud bath and natural springs and also a working ranch. That was also a lot of fun. 

Pink Zebra Incentive Trip – Ranch

What an adventure this trip was, encountering monkeys and other wildlife, like Toucans and other tropical birds and creatures. Partying poolside each day with friends. Our nights were also filled with singing and laughter at the local piano bar.

One of the many monkeys on the trip
The best part of the trip though was being able to spend time with my Pink Zebra family. Many of the trip earners were from my team and it was great to be able to share this experience with them. The owners of the company were also there as always. I want to personally thank them for all they do for us consultants. They are truly great, humble people who I consider true friends. I don’t think you get that with many other direct sales companies. Here is a video of my husband Al, Roger, Pink Zebra consultants, and the owner of the company Tom Gaines, signing. It was a great time.
All and all the trip was the best yet and I can’t wait to see where we will be going for the 2017 Pink Zebra Incentive trip. The new location will be announced at our 5th Annual Pink Zebra Reunion coming up in July in Las Vegas!! Can’t wait for that either!!! Have I mentioned how much I love Pink Zebra!!?? Contact me if you are interested in changing your life too and joining this amazing company. I always offer a sign on bonus for joining my Pink Zebra team! to view our business kits. 
Pura Vida as the locals say –
“full of life -this is living!

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Be a Part of a GREAT team! Start with the best.Join Pink Zebra Let me show you how. I’ve been in direct sales for over 13 years now! When I started Pink Zebra in Dec of 2011, I quickly moved up the ladder, I went from consultant straight to manager in my first month! Skipping a title then just 8 months later I skipped again to one of the highest titles in the company -Director! Love those cool Pink Zebra boots, the tiara, making new friends, the great paycheck, the recognition, the feeling of being part of a TEAM! Let me show you how to succeed as I did.

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Join a Winning Pink Zebra Team – Top Pink Zebra Performer

Pink Zebra Director #1 Nationwide for Top Qualified Sponsors

Pink Zebra Director #1 Nationwide for Top Qualified Sponsors 2013 and 2014 – #1 Nationwide Level 1 Promotions 2014, #2 2013


When it comes to direct sales it is very important to do your homework and research not only the company you are partnering with but also your sponsor (the person who brings you into the business). Too many times I have heard from consultants who have not received any help from their sponsor past their original sign up, with that it is a good idea to seek out a sponsor or mentor that you know has a proven track record. It is easy to see who these people are. They are the people who walk the walk! I can tell you from 10+ years of direct sales experience that it is crucial to join the right team. I work very hard on my Pink Zebra business. This is not just a hobby for me but a career. I also want anyone who signs up with me as their sponsor to know that I am there for them as well. Your success is my success.

In fact, here is a picture of me with Pink Zebra owners, Tom and Kelly Gaines at our Family Reunion in Aug 2013 receiving one of my two awards for 2nd Highest Level 1 Promotions, that means the people on my team promote! I want to also note that the person who won that top award in that same category was one of my very own personally sponsored team members! There is nothing sweeter to me than to see my team get recognized!


There were 5 award categories that night. I am proud to say that I won first and second place in 2 out of the 5 award categories given that night.

I was honored with one of the first 5 Paisley awards ever given out by the company, for #1 in Top Qualified Sponsors Nationwide. There were 8800 consultants at that time.

I have also through my Pink Zebra career been honored to receive my Pink Zebra Directors Tiara. Currently there are only 4 other Directors in the entire company.  I had the honor of receiving my custom designed Pink Zebra boots, and have also been flown into the home office to have dinner with Pink Zebras owners. I have won incentive trip/ipad promotions and am currently on a mission to win our new incentive for a trip to the Dominican Republic.


My team of over 2700 Pink Zebra consultants is also consistently in the Top 5 for Team Wholesale Volume.

I joined Pink Zebra in Dec 7th of 2011 just 90 days after its doors opened and have experience with the company as well as prior direct sales experience, so you can rest assured if you have any questions at all about Pink Zebra or running your Pink Zebra business. I can help you. I have a toll free number for my team members to call on as well as team facebook group for support. We offer team training calls and I offer great monthly team incentives!

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to call me to see if we are a fit please feel free to do so. I can be reached at 877-466-8449 or if you have read enough and are ready to sign up for Pink Zebra now and become a Pink Zebra consultant on my team go here:

Karen Director Pink Zebra Home
Pink Zebra Consultant ID # 50250

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Pink Zebra provides an opportunity to own your own business for under $200, where you can achieve income, rewards, incentives, and personal
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About me:
Hi my name is Karen, and I am a Director and Independent consultant with Pink Zebra Home Fragrances. I joined Pink Zebra in Dec of 2011, and in just 9 short months have made it to the one of the top positions to date in the company. You may have read my article ‘Sprinkle Your Way to Success’. Although there is no longer a coupon code to join our fine company OUR OFFER STILL STANDS WITH NO COUPON CODE NEEDED. KITS ARE ON NOW ON SALE FOR $25 OFF PLUS I AM OFFERING A $20 CASH REBATE.

When you join my team you are not alone. You may be in business for yourself but not by yourself! We have a great team and support network to help you build your business and be successful.

If you would like more information about joining Pink Zebra please call me toll free at 877-466-8449. I would love to have you join my team of Pink Dollar Divas. Our team is one of the fastest growing teams in the company offering weekly conferences calls, team yahoo group and support forums, as well as monthly team incentives!

If you would like to host a Pink Zebra in home candle / fragrance party. I can help you. I have a team of over 1000 consultants waiting to show you are amazing products. We spoil our hostesses! Lots of free products and half off items.

If you would like to place an order you can visit my official Pink Zebra website at

I want to Join Pink Zebra! What comes in the kit?

Let Pink Zebra change your fragrance and change your life as it has mine!

From my home to yours,