Simmer Pots

Simmer Pots

Flameless Simmer Pots for Sprinkles

Flameless home fragrancing all day long

As you explore all the fragrances of sprinkles, you’ll want to have plenty of simmer pots on hand to place in different rooms of your home or office.  All Pink Zebra simmer pots are electric, so you don’t have to worry about flames or hassle with little warming candles burning out before you are ready – simply turn them on with the convenient on/off switch. You will know it’s on by the indicator light on the small simmer pot and the ambient light passing through the base holes on our larger simmer pots.

The dishes are separate from the base so you can easily clean out the used melted sprinkles to refresh or change your fragrance with new Sprinkles.

Here’s a tip:

When you are finished and the melted pool of sprinkle wax cools, place the simmer pot dish in your freezer, and within 10 minutes take it out. Then simply turn the dish over to pop out the solid cold puck of sprinkles.  Now you have a clean dish ready for another use.

When you host a Pink Zebra party and before your guests arrive, turn on simmer pots in different rooms to greet them with a wonderful & welcoming smell, as well as to demonstrate how powerful the fragrances are! Also, have a few small pots vacant so during the party you can demonstrate how to use Sprinkles or let your guests play with recipes.